How to find an investment property using Property Finder?

In our previous post we talked about how to analyse an investment property using Property Analyser. But how do we find an investment property? Today we will have a quick look at Property Finder.

Property Finder is a tool that helps you find investment properties, as its name obviously suggests, and like Property Analyser it’s very simple to use.

Let’s split the process into 3 steps to help you get started using Property Finder.

Step 1. Searching for Investment Properties.

Step 2. Filtering through results.

Step 3. Analysing found properties in detail.

Step 1: Searching for Investment Properties

To get started using Property Finder :

  1. Go to Property Analyser and login if you are not logged in yet.
  2. On the left hand sidebar click on “Property Finder”.
  3. Start typing a suburb and select your suburb from the list provided.
  4. Click “Find”.

That’s it! Pretty straight forward.

Step 2: Filtering through results.

Once you enter a suburb and click “Find”, Property Analyser will take a moment to find and analyse properties listed for sale in the suburb you provided.

After the analysis is complete you will be provided with the following results.

Property Finder ResultsProperty Finder will provide you with some very important information most of us investors want to know about a property we are considering to purchase:

  • Days on the Market – How long has the property been listed for sale?
  • Discount – Has the property been reduced in price?
  • Cash Flow – How much will this property make me or cost me, should I decide to go ahead with the purchase?

These are some basic but quite important questions most investors have, which are quite hard to get answered. That’s why we’ve created Property Finder.

To help you find your property, there are filters available that will make your life easier and speed up the process. The filters were kept to a minimum to not over complicate the process but at the same time offer you enough flexibility to find your investment property.

Property Finder FiltersYou will find your basic filters:

  • The property type
  • Number of beds
  • The price range

and the not so basic ones:

  • Get highest Cash Flow first – If you are interested in properties with the highest cash flow, then click on this button and all the properties will be ordered from highest to lowest cash flow.
  • Order By:
    • Highest/lowest discount first
    • Longest/shortest on the market
    • Price “High to Low”/”Low to High”

Step 3: Analysing found properties in detail.

Once you have found potential investment properties, you will want to analyse them in more detail by using Property Analyser. Instead of going to Property Analyser, copy and pasting the address and entering a price, you can directly enter a price on the right hand side and click analyse.

This completes our quick overview of Property Finder. Go on and play around with it and find some investment properties. If you have any questions, please log into Property Analyser and send us a quick message using the Feedback button.

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3 thoughts on “How to find an investment property using Property Finder?

    1. Hi Richard

      Discount means the amount the property has been reduced in price since it was listed for sale. For example, if a property was listed for sale for $500,000 and the seller decides to lower it to $475,000 because it is not selling or wants to sell it faster, this amounts to a 5% discount.

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